LGBT Rights

Censorship, LGBT Rights: 1958

In ONE Inc. v. Olsen, the first case before the U.S. Supreme Court dealing with homosexuality, the high court rules that homosexual content does not automatically make a publication “obscene.”

LGBT Rights: 1960

President Eisenhower issues an executive order which allows private sector employers working on government defense contracts to ban employment of homosexuals.

Daughters of Bilitis convene in San Francisco the first national public gathering of lesbians in the United States.

A state Alcoholic Beverage Control inspector and a San Francisco police officer are caught demanding monthly payoffs from owners of bars catering to lesbians and gay men, in what the press dubs the "Gayola" scandal.

LGBT Rights: 1962

Virginia Prince forms Phi Pi Epsilon, a group for transvestites.

Owners of San Francisco bars catering to gay men form the Tavern Guild to protect themselves and their patrons from police harassment.

LGBT Rights: 1963

Gay bar entertainer Jose Sarria runs unsuccessfully for San Francisco supervisor.

LGBT Rights: 1964

Led by clergy at San Francisco’s Glide Memorial Church, religious leaders and “homophile” activists form the Council on Religion and the Homosexual.

LGBT Rights: 1965

Couple going to CRH eventCouple going to CRH eventSan Francisco police harass organizers and participants in a New Years Day fundraising ball for the Council on Religion and the Homosexual. Clergy associated with the Council publicly protest and draw attention to police harassment of gay people.

LGBT Rights: 1966

Transgender women and young street hustlers in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood riot at Compton’s Cafeteria to protest ongoing police harassment.

View the opening of a documentary on the riot:

LGBT Rights: 1967

Los Angeles police violently raid gay bars in Hollywood on New Year’s Eve, seriously injuring patrons and staff.

Young gay rights activists in Los Angeles form Personal Rights in Defense of Education (PRIDE) to organize public protests against police harassment. The group soon disbands but three members transform the PRIDE newsletter into a national gay rights newspaper called The Advocate.

In Nadler v. Nadler, an appellate court rules that courts cannot consider a parents unfit solely because of their sexual orientation.

LGBT Rights: 1969

California Supreme Court rules in Morrison v. State Board of Education that a public school teacher cannot be fired simply because of sexual orientation.

LGBT Rights: 1970

12,000 march in Los Angeles to commemorate the Stonewall Inn rebellion in New York the previous year.
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