1991 - Present

Race: 1996

Prop 209 ProtestProp 209 ProtestCalifornia voters pass Proposition 209, which prohibits affirmative action in state programs.

Dissent: 1997

After repeated efforts to re-open Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt’s case and mounting evidence of a wrongful conviction, an Orange County judge reverses Pratt’s conviction and frees him after nearly 25 years in prison.

Censorship: 1997

ACLU files the first national suit against an act of Congress attempting to censors the Internet, ACLU v. Reno; poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti is a plaintiff.

Women: 1997

California Supreme Court, in American Academy of Pediatrics v. Lungren strikes down the 1987 law requiring teenagers to obtain parental consent or a judicial warrant for an abortion.

Immigrants' Rights: 1998

Voters pass Proposition 227 outlawing bilingual education.

World War II Incarceration: 1998

Settlement in Mochizuki v. United States provides for a government apology to Japanese Latin Americans and payments of $5,000 each. Some do not accept the settlement and continue efforts for full redress.

Disability Rights: 1999

U.S. Supreme Court rules in a series of cases that the ADA does not protect people whose disabilities can be alleviated through prosthetics, medication, or aids, thereby denying ADA protection to people with amputations, cancer, epilepsy, insulin-dependent diabetes, bipolar disorder, and heart conditions.

LGBT Rights: 1999

Legislature passes a law recognizing limited rights for registered domestic partners.

Governor Gray Davis signs legislation covering gay men, lesbians and bisexuals under the state Fair Employment and Housing Act's anti-discrimination protection.

Censorship: 1999

A parent sues the Livermore public library for allowing her son access to the Internet on the library's computers. ACLU of Northern California defends the library, winning a ruling in 2001 that access to information and freedom of expression on the Internet at the library should not be treated differently than books, newspapers and magazines.

LGBT Rights: 2000

Voters pass Proposition 22, defining marriage as only between a man and a woman.
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