1951 - 1990

Labor: 1967

Picketers advocate for boycott of grapes and lettucePicketers advocate for boycott of grapes and lettuce United Farm Workers calls for an international grape boycott.

LGBT Rights: 1967

Los Angeles police violently raid gay bars in Hollywood on New Year’s Eve, seriously injuring patrons and staff.

Young gay rights activists in Los Angeles form Personal Rights in Defense of Education (PRIDE) to organize public protests against police harassment. The group soon disbands but three members transform the PRIDE newsletter into a national gay rights newspaper called The Advocate.

In Nadler v. Nadler, an appellate court rules that courts cannot consider a parents unfit solely because of their sexual orientation.

Criminal Justice: 1967

Century City MarchCentury City MarchLos Angeles police officers attack largely middle-class white anti-Vietnam War demonstrators marching in Century City. Hundreds file complaints.



Aaron Mitchell is the last person to be executed in California for 25 years. Protest at the execution of Aaron MitchellProtest at the execution of Aaron Mitchell

Disability Rights: 1968

Students with disabilities at UC Berkeley organize as the “Rolling Quads” and advocate for accessible classrooms, curb cuts in the city of Berkeley for wheelchair users, and other accommodations for people with disabilities.

Censorship: 1968

Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty sues the Los Angeles Times for libel over a political cartoon. In 1970, the court rules in favor of the newspaper and freedom of the press.

Dissent: 1968


Fifteen thousand Chicano public school students in East Los Angeles stage school walkouts to call for educational reform, smaller class sizes, improved infrastructure, and curriculum including Mexican American history. Related to the walkouts, a grand jury secretly indicts high school teacher Sal Castro and twelve other Chicano activists, who become known as the “East L.A. Thirteen,” for conspiring to create riots, disrupt the functioning of schools, and disturb the peace.

In Vogel v. County of Los Angeles, the California Supreme Court strikes down the Levering oath, overruling its opinion of 15 years earlier in Pockman v. Leonard.

Race: 1968

President Johnson signs a law which belatedly compensates California Indians for more than 64 million acres of land seized during the 19th century. The settlement works out to approximately 47 cents an acre.

Women: 1969

Three abortion rights advocates are convicted of violating the law against advertising abortion.

California Supreme Court becomes the first state court in the country to strike down a criminal abortion statute in People v. Belous.

LGBT Rights: 1969

California Supreme Court rules in Morrison v. State Board of Education that a public school teacher cannot be fired simply because of sexual orientation.

Race: 1969

Drummers on AlcatrazDrummers on AlcatrazNearly 100 young Indians, mostly students, occupy Alcatraz demanding that the federal government cede the island to native Americans.  During the following 18 months, an estimated 15,000 Indians from throughout the country visit or live on Alcatraz.

See interviews with American Indians on Alcatraz during the occupation.

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