Dianne Feinstein Attempts to Restore Due Process Rights

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March 1, 2012
Office of Senator Dianne Feinstein
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On February 29, Calfornia Senator Dianne Feinstein chaired a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on legislation she is sponsoring to protect due process rights that are threatened by the National Defense Authorization Act, which President Obama signed on December 31.

That law allows the military to arrest, detain, and indefinitely imprison anyone in the U.S. suspected of terrorism without charges or trials. 

Feinstein's bill would protect the due process rights of American citizens and legal residents but not of business travelers, tourists, undocumented immigrants or others who are not U.S. citizens or green card holders.

Thus far, 24 senators have co-sponsored the legislation.

Feinstein has compared the controversial provision of the National Defense Authorization Act to the 1942 Executive Order that authorized the military to exclude people from any part of the U.S.  That order was the basis for the mass incarceration, without charges or trials, of Japanese Americans during World War II.

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